How to Work Through Emotional Baggage of the Breakup or Divorce

Answer to the October Newsletter “Frequently Asked Question”


How can my ex and I work through the emotional baggage of the breakup or divorce?

Congratulations! It sounds like you know that it’s not a great idea to leave a relationship with unresolved hurt and anger. You may be needing to renegotiate your relationship because you continue to be co-parents or co-workers. Perhaps you are simply aware of not wanting to carry negativity, hurt and bitterness into your future relationships. For these reasons, many couples, like you, strive to end their relationship with respect and dignity. Whether you are ending a dating relationship, leaving a long marriage or just needing to say goodbye to some important aspect of your relationship, the Goodbye Process is a powerful and healing way to let go.

By working with me for an 8 hour Intensive, you are able to celebrate the love you once had, understand your contribution to the break up and say goodbye to the hopes and dreams you once had. This is a must for couples wanting to move forward with greater peace and understanding.