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Life Changing Couples Workshops

I believe in the power of gathering couples together in an emotionally safe and supportive community environment. Workshops are the perfect choice for partners who want to feel they are not alone in their relationship challenges and want to have a long-term, authentic, passionate connection.

These experiences are carefully designed to help you feel in love, connected, and happy to be together as partners. You will walk away with better communication and deeper intimacy along with a new and fresh appreciation for each other. You will also discover how to truly acknowledge, hear, and accept each other… a key to the bliss you are yearning for.

The workshop options below will empower you for greater success and happiness whether you are a new couple or have many years under your belt.

“Start Right, Stay Connected: A Workshop For Engaged Couples”

Couples often spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours preparing for their special wedding day. Many, however, forget to prepare for the marriage that follows. Start Right, Stay Connected is an all day workshop for seriously committed, engaged or newly married couples. In this informative and fun format, you will work together to create a marriage vision, discover and practice powerful communication skills, affair-proof your relationship, and deepen your loving connection.

Research shows that couples who participate in marriage preparation and education in the early years of their relationship divorce nearly 30% less often than those who do not. This experience with me will put the odds in your favor.

“Mary Kay Cocharo presented an intensive one-day interactive and fully engaging seminar that enabled my fiancé and I to learn how to come to each other’s side of the table and hear the other’s perspective. Her teachings gave us the to”ols to create a shared marriage vision and create a safe space in which to discuss hot topics such as a prenuptial agreement and finances. I am looking forward to seeing Mary Kay again in the future not because we need to fix anything, but because I loved everything we did and want more!” 

“This workshop gives you a powerful and compelling look at love, marriage and life’s journey. We laughed and we cried but most of all we learned about ourselves and each other in a deeper way. We highly recommend this for all couples getting married.”

This 8-hour workshop is fun and dynamic! It will provide you with a wonderfully solid foundation as you start your journey together.

Over the Bridge: Creating Intimacy and Deep Connection At Any Stage Of Your Relationship”

Workshop For Couples

This workshop is for any couple that feels their connection is not as strong as it once was. Over time, it is normal to grow apart… as life, careers and children take time and energy away from your relationship.

During this two-day workshop, you and your partner will learn to speak your desires in a safe environment, transform daily frustrations into loving requests for change and resolve old, deep conflicts.

You will also learn the Principles and Rituals that cultivate presence, depth and authenticity with your partner. This will equip you for deeper engagement and closeness with one another.

Relationships are a journey, not a problem to be fixed. In Over the Bridge, you will become more empowered to have a great relationship no matter who or where you are. This is a great choice whether you are in a troubled relationship or you feel things are good but know it can be much better.

“My husband and I loved the opportunity to spend uninterrupted time together to deepen our connection. It was very helpful to meet other couples and to hold each other in a safe and supportive way. We also deeply appreciated the person attention we got”.

My goal is to restore your relationship to relaxed joyfulness and passion.

During our time together, I will guide you toward genuine intimacy and show you how to see your partner with compassionate curiosity. Whether your relationship is solid or shaky, Over the Bridge will take you on a healing and transformational journey that will leave you filled with a renewed sense of hope!

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