Communication. Restored. ~ It Takes Courage to be Present.


In rediscovering your relationship, it’s important to be aware that your relationship lives in the space between you. Because it doesn’t live solely in either one of you, it’s not possible for one of you to be the sole cause of the problems nor to be the sole solution.

Each of you are complete, whole human beings with ever-expanding worlds inside. You have your own thoughts, feelings, perceptions, opinions and histories.

In order to fully know the other, you must have a way to get from your world to the world of the other. I invite you to think about the metaphor of an imaginary bridge connecting your two worlds.

To learn the culture of the other requires going over that bridge and being fully present to the words, their meaning and the feelings that reside there. When you leave yourself behind and go to your partner’s world with nothing but full curiosity, you begin to develop true intimacy.

It takes courage to leave judgment and criticism behind.

Often, you’ll hear things you disagree with and the temptation will be to run back to your side of the bridge to argue or correct. This might make you right, but it will never make you connected!

In my work with couples, I will teach how to go back and forth over the bridge, visiting one another in the deepest places with full presence and curiosity for the true nature of your partner. Your communication will become more vulnerable, safer and deeper with one another.