If you answered “Yes” to 0-4 of these questions:

You may be in the Romantic Stage of your relationship.  To varying degrees, this stage is characterized by passionate energy and a powerful tendency to see only the positive qualities of your beloved.  Nature helps us in the beginning by allowing our bodies to increase production of dopamine and norepinephrine accelerating production of testosterone.  These natural “drugs” help you to feel lust, infatuation and deep contentment.  They are intended to smooth the way so that we can meet, mate and procreate.  They act a little like anasthesia during an operation and enhance feelings of oneness, closeness and connection.  Perhaps you feel like the anasthesia is starting to wear off? Well, it is!  Hopefully, you have become bonded, emotionally and physically,  to your partner and are now ready for the hard work of building a conscious life journey together.

If you answered “Yes” to 5-8 of these questions:

You may be in the Power Struggle Stage of your relationship.  Your partner, who initially looked like the perfect person to help you get your deepest needs met, is looking more like someone uniquely designed to cause you pain and frustration.  You may be struggling over whose reality gets to dominate the relationship and working hard to get your partner to be more like you and see the world through your eyes.  You are probably arguing more, getting surprising emotional over minor points and escalating into shouting, sulking and worse.  You may be feeling defensive and confused about how the two of you got here!  Well, you’re not alone.  Power Struggle is a natural, predictable phase of relationship.  Because conflict is growth trying to happen, you would be wise to learn some tools to help you and your partner embark on a conscious journey of healing.

If you answered “yes” to 8-12 of these questions:

You may be deeply embedded in the Power Struggle Stage of your relationship.  You are probably feeling angry, hurt, betrayed and lost.  Perhaps you feel that the “magic” is gone and may never be coming back,  Your sex life has diminished, you’ve become critical, defensive or contemptuous with one another.  Maybe you’re fighting all the time, or not talking at all.  In this stage of your relationship, you may be thinking about or have already separated, divorced or are having an emotional or sexual affair.  Can this relationship be saved?!!  Yes, but it will take a commitment of time, energy and desire to learn the tools and heal the wounds.  Research has shown that couples can get back on track in as few as 12 sessions when using the Imago Dialogue with a coach.  It’s never too late to connect with your loved one…even if you currently think the love is gone.