I help couples rediscover joy of being together, deepen communication and resolve conflict. I believe it is only through re-connection that we restore to our original wholeness. That is why I love to facilitate the transformation that takes place when people finally meet each other in their essence.

We live busy lives… stuck in what seems like endless cycles of ‘doing’. It’s transformative when couples take the time to slow down, genuinely look at each other and communicate their deepest hopes, dreams, and fears to one another in the safest possible way.

I experience tremendous joy witnessing the magic that unfolds when couples truly reconnect.

Here are a few ways I’d love to support you as a couple, through counseling, workshops, or Private VIP Intensives whether you are engaged, married, or in a long-term partnership.

Private Two-Day Intensive For Couples

During our time together, you will experience quick results, deeper, richer connection with each other, and restored confidence in your relationship.

Private and powerful – Two-Day Intensives give you extra special, concentrated attention for two entire days. The opportunity for transformation is tough to match in any other setting.

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“The intensive couples’ therapy was a very deep emotional experience that helped my partner and I reconnect. We got to the root of our issues and developed strong listening skills and an openness to understanding one another on a deeper level. Agreeing to see Mary Kay was a challenge because of the turmoil we were experiencing in our relationship. But, Mary Kay challenged us in the way we needed and was a wonderful coach who helped get us through some tough and challenging issues. I would highly recommend it!”Couple from LA

Premarital Couples Package (4 sessions)

Research shows couples that take part in premarital counseling have 30% less divorce occurrences than couples who do not. I recommend this package to all engaged or seriously committed couples to address essential topics by starting an open and honest discussion before saying “I Do”.

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“Doing Imago premarital counseling with Mary Kay was the best thing my fiancé and I could have done for ourselves. We found the experience to be IMPERATIVE to our relationship. There were so many things we uncovered! We have learned to navigate through anything.” – Carly

90-Minute Private Sessions For Couples

Weekly or bi-weekly 90-minute sessions are a great solution if you struggle to communicate well with each other and need time to discover how to connect better, resolve conflicts, and master relationship skills. Consistent sessions ensure you receive ongoing support, feedback and guidance as you improve your relationship.

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“Without Mary Kay, the complex dynamics of our family would have overwhelmed us. Adoption, mental health issues, step parenting, and adolescence had to be treated. Mary Kay has been the vessel of refuge that has allowed us to maintain a family and a marriage.” –Jim and Janet

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

This is for individuals who struggle with feelings of unhappiness, confusion, stress, anxiety and an overall sense that they’ve lost their zest for life. Through private sessions, you will feel more empowered to live with joy, confidence and renewed energy.

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“Ms. Cocharo is a caring listener who offers support, coaching and concrete steps for overcoming emotional blocks. I highly recommend her.” –Max


“I have experienced Mary Kay Cocharo as a warm, compassionate and action inspiring therapist. She is a careful and analytical listener who was able to help me in a short period of time to recognize some of my roadblocks clearly. The tools, support and encouragement I received from her have helped me tremendously in mending a difficult family relationship.” –Anne

Take this eye-opening two minute assessment to discover areas in your relationship you’d like to heal.

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