Love. Renewed. ~ It Takes Commitment to Love Better.

As you cross the bridge over and over to one another, you will be building a more mature relationship.

A mature relationship is a conscious relationship where both of you are aware of your negative and positive contributions to what goes on between you. By making a commitment to take 100% responsibility for ending negativity, you are choosing love over being right.

A mature relationship involves choosing what’s good for the relationship over choosing what you want or need in the moment. It’s a commitment to know yourself, to share with your partner and to be fully present to know the other. When this occurs, you will experience a true encounter which will transform the very tapestry of your lives together.

Over time, you won’t be able to even remember how you used to argue and struggle over topics which now seem like an opportunity for growth and healing.

In my work with couples, I teach how to make your space sacred by going over the bridge to be with one another with full presence and acceptance in order to experience the full love, connection and intimacy you deserve.